Inspiration for Practical Idealists :)

“Everyday, in every way, please make us better and better,” this was a prayer that we were taught as young students at Sri Aurobindo Memorial School. At home, my grandfather would keep reminding me that it was our responsibility to leave things a little better than how we found them. As far as I can remember, this has been his advice to me – and it continues to be.

I have found this sense of aspiring to be better – to mould yourself into a better human being – to be of service to those around me – to be growing stronger as I get older 🙂 My inspiration, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s guidance is to be like a swan – to be able to discern between that which is good and not good – and to seek out the goodness in everything around you. You definitely run the risk of being made fun of as an idealist – but what is the purpose of life then, if you are not able to live it with some ideals to inspire you to move onward?

Idealism coupled with Practicality perhaps is what most of us look for in life. Most of us start out as idealists as children and as we grow through our teenage years something changes. Often one finds those who are idealistic have lost touch with reality and those who are practical tend to overlook the ethical and moral dimensions in life. People also tend to become cynical and lose sight of their childhood goals and dreams. This is where I believe a healthy dose of spirituality can help bring a balance between one’s need for ideal inspiration and the need to remain grounded in practical reality.

More on this soon 🙂